'Resultant Spaces
of Vilnius'

Urban Counter Project
Master Dissertation (design)
International Master of Architecture: 'Urban Projects, Urban Cultures'
University: KU Leuven, Campus Sint-Lucas, Brussels
Studio: Collective Urban Spaces for Super Diversity
Professor: Prof. Dr. Burak Pak
Nominated for: ‘Prijs Jef Van Ranst’ / Dutch Design Week 'Design Indaba'

As a byproduct of Vilnius Soviet past, the older context of the city is full of open and less defined spaces turned into communal gardens, shared playgrounds, informal pathways, open parks etc. Simultaneously, contemporary housing projects are being built in a rapid tempo, proposing a gated, controlled, exclusive, over-designed and sterile architecture. What would be a more open and inclusive urban development inspired by and building further on the creatively appropriated public spaces?

As a counter project to the neoliberal privatisation of Vilnius, architectural interventions are adapted to the existing context of the city. The interventions proposed exist of a multi-use community space, a neighbourhood kitchen / reading room, and smaller object interventions. Following a resultant line that cuts through the urban grid, the elements are placed along a designed path that spatially links together different properties and socially brings together different institutions and groups in the area. Local groups, such as the Technical University (VTU), a kindergarten, dance school and surrounding residents are involved in programming, using and sharing these new (or restored) communal spaces.

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