Scenography for TMBR Reading Group
In collaboration with: D-E-A-L
Client: That Might Be Right VZW
Location: Beursschouwburg, Brussels

This project is a flexible scenography and support structure for a reading group, organised twice a month by That Might be Right at the Beursschouwburg in Brussels. Critical literature such as Colonial Lives of Property (Bhandar) or The Robbery of Nature (Forster, Clark) are read and discussed within this setup, and are partially taken as inspiration to reuse existing objects coming either from circular economy systems or from an endless (but reusable and free of charge) waist production within the building and packaging industry (cardboard tubes, scaffolding textile, bleu crates etc.). Since the reading group makes use of leftover spaces and programmatic gaps within the Beursschouwburg, the scenography can be adapted to, and reused in different spatial surroundings. The long role of scaffolding textile is simply unfolded and held up by straps and cardboard tubes, making it possible to mount and dismount the structure easily and play with the creation of new spatial settings and features for each gathering.