‘Street Pavilion

2021, Car Free Sunday
Design and realisation of scenography
in collaboration with: D-A-E-L, That Might Be Right
Site: Rue Auguste Orts, Brussels
Client: Beursschouwburg

This urban intervention was realized in the heart of Brussels in front of la Bourse and the Beursschouwburg. During Car Free Sunday 2021 it hosted different events and functions such as: a stage, a bar, seating areas, spaces for artists and bike repair stands. The challenge was to create an urban pavilion that celebrates public street life for one day. The main material source for this project relates to construction sites, as an endless reusable or even free resource (many materials are either existing within a rental system or are being thrown away after construction is ended!). At the same time the display of these materials reminds us that Brussels urban environment is under construction, including many public spaces... A perfect moment to test what public life could look like. In a simple way, the pavilion creates a space for creative and lively appropriation of the street, with people, instead of cars.

@Miles Fischler

Street Pavilion was also part of Beursshouwburg's 'Opening Night Are We There Yet'