'Resultant Spaces of Vilnius'

Lecture series and Exhibition
Production: A+ architecture
In co-production with: MAD Brussels, Institut Culturel d'Architecture Wallonie Bruxelles (ICA), Vlaams Architectuurinstituut (VAi)
Thanks to: Vera Luciano (intern)

Across on Tour is a program that launches 8 young offices active within the architecture field of Belgium, presenting their practice by responding to the common theme of 'Transformation'. After having travelled around Belgium to present their work, the eight firms Bauclub, Every Island, Laboratoire, Linto Architecture, Pashenko Works, Sophia Holst, Studio Ruben Castro and Wissel Architectuur Studio showcase an existing project within a collective exhibition at the MAD in Brussels.

The existing project ‘Resultant Spaces of Vilnius’ of Sophia Holst, is an urban counter proposal to the rapid privatization of open, communal spaces in Vilnius, Lithuania. It was created as graduation project for the Master of Architecture at the KU Leuven in Brussels, 2018. The project illustrates an approach of incorporating existing forms of life, informal use and the existing built environment within a larger urban transformation project.

The Across on Tour exhibition is visible until 03/09 2023. MAD Brussels
More information on the project 'Resultant Spaces of Vilnius' click here