'Situations dans
l'Appartement Le Corbusier'
Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Graduation Show

Wooden construction (radiplex, ecoplex)
HD video projection, photo-sequence projection
Dancer /Performer: Puck van Bogget
Camerawork: Eva Zwart
Thanks to: Fondation Le Corbusier

The two curved walls are positioned to extend the corridor of the exhibition space, leaving some extra time for wonder. They serve as a setting for a projection work; both functionally (dimming the light) and visually (insinuating an actual situations.) In the projections, a dancer is moving through Le Corbusier’s former apartment in Paris. To uncover his system of body measurements in the architecture of his former home the dancer’s movements are in every detail relating to the surrounding. Sometimes she disappears out of the frame, leaving only the architecture to perform.