‘Forms of
Public Privacy'
De Geleefde Stad, PILAR

In collaboration with Axel De Marteau
Photography: Axel De Marteau
Documentation: Silvia Cappellari
Programmator: Maarten Vanermen

The public and private sphere are intermingling more and more, and it is questionable if they can even be distinguished into separate spaces. It is an observation ever visible since the start of the covid crisis. Private bars are taking over public sidewalks and small decisions in private life are publicly assed. What you see in public space therefor exists of a multitude of truths.

In this exhibition the previously made researches /publications of 'Forms of Public Privacy' and 'Cité de la Philanthropie/ Stad van Menslievendheid' are displayed, bringing together private stories within the public domain and public stories in the private domain.