Self-initiated design research
In collaboration with: Andre Cramer
Photography: Anne Huijnen
Supported by: Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, Experiment

Monumental spaces are often quiet, clean and empty, sometimes filled with a dated symbolism which is hardly experienced or questioned. Perhaps because these spaces exist on the sidelines of everyday life? According to Henri Lefebvre, monumental spaces should not only be designed and perceived, they should also be lived. In addition, as Lefebvre points out, a monument should be a collective mirror that reflects the social visage of a society in which everyone partakes.

In this experimental research, Andre Cramer and Sophia Holst are investigating monumental residual spaces in Amsterdam. By designing support structures, architectural interventions and settings for new programs, the inviolability and emptiness is challenged. The aim is to question the older symbolisms at place and to understand if and how these spaces can become lively and inclusive.

View here the pdf-booklet 'Geleefde Monumenten' (NL)